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Prime Music Partners Present "Solo" by Olivia and KiDi: A Summer Smash

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Prime Music Partners Present "Solo" by Olivia and KiDi: A Summer Smash

In a highly anticipated collaboration, Olivia and KiDi are set to dominate the summer music scene with their electrifying duet “Solo.” Presented by Akeju, Prime Music Partners, and Sha in partnership with Liv Lavish Productions, this track promises to be a hit with its unique blend of hypnotic rhythms and sultry sounds.

Olivia, known for her Jamaican roots, ventures into the Afrobeat genre with “Solo,” embracing her native tongue and delivering an intimate and authentic musical experience. KiDi’s dynamic melodies complement Olivia’s vocals, creating an irresistible vibe perfect for the season.

“Solo” is a testament to the creative synergy between the artists and their production teams. The collaboration highlights their individual talents while merging them into a unified sound that is both fresh and familiar. The track’s enchanting beat and captivating lyrics are poised to make it a staple in playlists and parties worldwide.

Distributed by Prime Music Partners, the single is available for streaming and download on all major platforms and could become the anthem of unforgettable summer nights.

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