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Siberian Husky Association Nigeria: Advocating for All Huskies

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Siberian Husky Association Nigeria: Advocating for All Huskies

Siberian Husky Association Nigeria

Siberian Husky Association Nigeria: Advocating for All Huskies

The Siberian Husky Association Nigeria (SHAN), established by Peter Dpkennel, is a dedicated group working to elevate the appreciation and care of Siberian Huskies across the nation.

Administrated by

Segijones kennel

Dbenjamin Kennels




John Adovon


The association is committed to ensuring the well-being of all Huskies, regardless of eye color.

In Nigeria, there exists a misconception and bias against Huskies with black or bi-colored eyes, with blue-eyed Huskies often being favored. SHAN's mission is to change this perspective by educating the public about the beauty and uniqueness of all Siberian Huskies.

"Our goal is to care for all Huskies, whether their eyes are black, brown, or blue," states the team at SHAN. Through various initiatives, including awareness campaigns, health check-ups, and community events, SHAN aims to foster a more inclusive appreciation for these magnificent dogs.

Peter Dpkennel and the administrative team are dedicated to promoting ethical breeding practices, supporting Husky owners, and enhancing the overall understanding of the breed.

SHAN is not just an association but a passionate community striving to ensure that every Husky in Nigeria is valued and loved, regardless of their eye color.

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