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14 Years After The Movie Apocalypto, See Photos Of The Main Actor, Rudy Youngblood

14 Years After The Movie Apocalypto, See Photos Of The Main Actor, Rudy Youngblood
Apocalypto, No one can outrun your destiny! Indeed no one could have outrun the destiny of Jaguar's Paw, he displayed braveness, intelligence and used the information of knowing the jungle to prevail over his enemies.
14 Years After The Movie Apocalypto, See Photos Of The Main Actor, Rudy Youngblood
It is a very relatable and cinematographically clean movie with a native American concept. Many thought the language spoken was made-up but it is actually the language spoken in Maya. The movie was released in 2006. A whole lot of salute to Mel Gibson, you cannot expect less from the filmmaker.
The main actor, Jaguar's Paw and his fellow tribesmen were invaded and captured by an invading force. The invading force needed human sacrifices and took the natives to their own city at the time. Jaguar's Paw was lucky to keep his pregnant wife and son from being taken, he did promise them that he will be back.

The journey to the Maya city was dramatic, hectic, stressful and weary. Even though the Invaders needed their lives, they didn't pamper them, they still had to work to stay alive.

Sacrifices were made and the people who weren't sacrificed were to be killed by the bush. Jaguar's Paw escaped, the one man army outsmarted the invaders and used home advantage to fulfill his promise of coming back to his wife. They also should have let him go but they pursued him to their own demise and destruction.

The role of Jaguar's Paw was played by Rudy Youngblood who was born as Rudy Gonzalez. He was 23 years old at the time but he is now 37 years old.

He is actually a Native American actor, musician, dancer, and artist who was born in Belton, Texas. So he wasn't picked for fun, he is actually a descent of Comanche , Cree and Yaqui.
He has been active since 2005 and he is too talented to end anytime soon.
Aside his acting skills, he is also good in carpentry, brick laying, boxing and track events.
Mel Gibson allowed him to perform his own stunts and that's one of the reasons it looked extremely natural.
For his role in the movie, he won the award of beat actor at the 15th First Americans in the Arts awards.
The latest series he featured in is Dandelion season.
Do you get tired of watching this movie?

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