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I used to masturbate, date married men – Nolly wood Actress Nichole Banna confess totally

The actress, in a lengthy confession posted on her Instagram page

“I am sharing this testimony because I want to honour the one behind the transformation in my life. I have always been a God-fearing girl, my relationship with the Holy Spirit is one that gets stronger by the day.

“Before now, I was just that young girl that wanted everything some girls thought are the priorities in life. So back then, I dated married men who would end up loving me so much and doing all I asked,thereby spending less time with their wives,” she wrote of her wayward past.

“I used to smoke and masturbate a lot and that made me have less friends because I didn’t want the dirty habits known publicly. Though After WOLBI I stopped smoking and masturbating for a while, but after some time, I backslided and became worse with the habits. I smoked all the time, coupled with the challenges I was going through then.

In the midst of this I still loved God, kept praying and asking for mercy especially after each action.

“Please this is to encourage you, no matter what you are doing, don’t let go of God’s hands, keep striving to be better. Again for the ones that still date married men because of money,please stop because the consequences are generational.
I am just a young girl that has surrendered totally to the Lordship of our Lord Jesus Christ,” she added.

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